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Practical information


To read before boarding

So as not to slow safety procedures and to avoid risking to have your products seized before boarding, it is important that you should read these instructions.

We recommend you to arrive ahead of time so as to go through safety checks in the best possible conditions.

Safety measures on liquid items in cabin bags :

You cabin bag (or hand luggage) will contain everything you need during your flight.

Liquid items are allowed in the cabin at the following conditions :

  • We thank you for presenting them in a 20cm by 20cm plastic bag( freezer bag type) which will be closed.
  • The content of each liquid item will not exceed 100ml.
  • One single bag allowed per person.



Liquid medicines with the prescription of your doctor as well as baby food required during the flight are allowed.

Mesure de sureté à l'aéroport de Valence Chabeuil, Drôme

New Measures Effective January 31, 2014

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