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They fly in the Drôme

Organisation of flight tests

Video testimony from Mr Pierre Berttini,
concerning the organisation of flight tests and customer reception.

Our staff in Bratislava

Last week we brought 15 persons from our company to inaugurate our new site in Bratislava.
Taking the plane in Lyon or Grenoble would have cost us an extra day…

Valence airport is an opportunity for the South Rhône Alpes industries. Geographically well located, its long runway and land available around the platform will inevitably make this tool a business center just like the Rovaltin area around the High Speed Train station.
This airport which is Business-oriented opens the available markets in Europe for companies of this large territory . The staff offers all the services of a large airport at far lower costs. Valence is the unavoidable alternative to Lyon or Grenoble.
Come and land at the doors of the South of France !

Hervé COURBIS - Groupe COURBIS (Romans)

It has Everything a big one has …

Exit the small Valence airport, welcome to Valence-Chabeuil Drôme airport.
This is the new brand I was pleased to discover with our association of French sales managers ( Association des Dirigeants Commerciaux de France) on June 20 2016..

10 minutes away from Valence city centre, the airport offers free parking and can welcome small and medium-size aircraft. Access to planes is made easy, safety checks are fast. Valence airport is equipped as any large airport even concerning safety checks.

As a company manager, I really appreciate to be able to receive my customers in a VIP area, organise a meeting in an unusual location and make them discover our beautiful region and its famous names.

As a gateway to the Valence basin, the airport highlights the specialties of our region and knows how to welcome their hosts with “tailor-made” services.

The presence of companies of the aeronautics industry or flying clubs contribute to the economic development of this precious tool and its infrastructures.

… It only needs regular flights …….

Pascal RABBE - Consult & Action