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Chabran hotel restaurant

Michel Chabran, Valence airport partner

Valence-Chabeuil airport has made a partnership with hotel restaurant Chabran, famous restaurant in the Drôme department. For a day or a longer stay, you will be able to discover this friendly place dedicated to gastronomic excellence.

Chabran hotel restaurant, gastronomy and conviviality

Michel CHABRAN, défenseur de la gastronomie drômoiseWhen you come inMichel Chabrang Hotel & Restaurant in Pont de l’Isère on the famous National 7 road, the air is warmer and full of flavours. You enter a calm and intimate atmosphere ideal for great delights. The staff is discretely attentive, without being noticed, to each of the guests’ pleasure. You can then taste the promises of a chef who offers you two types of cuisine in the same location.

Thus, La Grande Table is a means to discover the excellence in each product which makes every dish unique. A genuine Michelin-starred gourmet stop which enables you, all along the seasons, to travel through new flavours around its theme menus.

Then it is as its Espace Gourmand that the chef offers you to sit around this true value of conviviality. This is a great opportunity to taste some tapas along theme menus which you will be able to savour around the hut, in the middle of our garden or by the fireplace in the veranda.


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