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We invite you to come at the airport desk located in the terminal.

Persons with reduced mobility

Valence Chabeuil airport is equipped to welcome disabled people or persons with reduced mobility and dedicated parking spaces are available.

We invite you to inform your airline of your specific needs when booking your ticket so as to benefit from assistance.

Children Travelling alone

Children flying alone are welcome. However, we invite you to check with your airline company if they are accepted.

Children will need to have the valid identity documents required in the country of destination ( passport, ID, visa). Documents to be filled in will be given to you by your airline company. You also need to make sure a person will be present upon arrival at destination.

Accompany your children to the check-in counter at least one hour before takeoff. They will be welcomed by the staff who will guide them to the plane. They will ,then, be taken care of by the onboard  crew.

Upon arrival, your children will be met by the person of your choice who will have to be present at the planned arrival time and be in possession of an identity document.

Banned  companies

The list of airline companies banned from operating  in the European Union is available at the following address :


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