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Setting up

Setting up at Valence-Chabeuil aeronautics business park

With a privileged location along high quality communication means, Valence-Chabeuil business park benefits from perfect intermodal connections.
An Upgraded airport, performing equipments, local dynamism, a favorable economic context… Come and discover all the good reasons for your company to set up at Valence Chabeuil

A rich aeronautics industry in the Drôme department

The Drôme department counts around  one hundred subcontracting firms in the aeronautics industry which employ 6000 persons and generate a turnover of 750 M€ per year.

7 PME from the aviation and aeronautics industries are present on the site of Valence Chabeuil airport and generate together with GAMSTAT 360 direct jobs.



A business park  dedicated to companies of the aeronautics industry

The Valence Romans Sud Rhone Alpes urban area  offers a 10ha business park dedicated to companies of the aviation and aeronautics industries. Part of this new business park will offer land to buy or rent with direct access to the runaway, the other part will welcome companies which wish to benefit from a showcase effect and the synergies generated by the business activity of the site.

Valence-Chabeuil airport offers to help you in the development of your project on the business park of Valence Chabeuil airport or the zone dedicated to ” leisure aviation”



Zone d'activité aéronautique Valence-Chabeuil

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